One of the most favourite pieces of clothing, for both men and women, is the leather jacket. Yet, many take this article of clothing for granted and really don’t know how it grew in popularity.

It has been said that the first leather jackets came about during the first world war. This was an item of clothing that was seen being worn by fighter pilots of the German army. It was designed to be a piece of outer wear to be worn as additional protection.

Moving into 1928, fashion became the big highlight and the first fashionable jacket was made for the well-known motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson. This piece of clothing made of leather was called the Perfecto, and was hailed as the first fashionable motorcycle jacket. At that time, the jacket sold for $5.50 a piece.

During the 1930s and 1940s, leather jackets gained in their popularity but were still viewed as synonymous with the military attire. It wasn’t until the 1950s when Hollywood adopted the tough guy look that the leather jackets came to the forefront of the clothing industry.

In the 1970s, women began to wear leather jackets as a symbol of equality. This new look for women really heightened the popularity of the leather being used in feminine attire.

In today’s fashion world, leather is used to make a statement in all types of industries. While the leather jackets now come in many different styles and are still the forerunner, there are tons of leather outfits that are very high fashion. These range from leather skirts with matching jackets, or pants with jackets.

These jackets made out of leather come with the option of being worn as outer wear to shield the wearer from harsh weather. Then there are many outfits that can fit into both the casual or formal dress categories.