It is a known fact that the celebrities set the trends when it comes to fashion. Although, when it comes to leather jackets, they are so popular that they have set the trend on their own. Most likely, even if the celebs didn’t wear leather jackets, this is a piece of clothing that would still maintain its popularity.

Some well-known celebrities that have made some very impressive fashion statements with leather jackets are:

Kate Bosworth

Kate was seen in a beautiful leather jacket that had been embellished with a selection of cute icons. She matched this jacket up with a pair of dark tapered pants and glistening shoe wear. The overall look of this outfit depicts that it can be easily worn to a casual event with a touch of flare.

Jamie King

Jamie took the little black dress up a notch when she paired it with a black moto jacket. It made for a beautiful combination that could be worn in a dressing setting yet with a touch of casual to it.

Suki Waterhouse

Suki went a little beyond the short leather jacket when she put on the long leather coat. Her selection of this along with the rest of her garb provided the perfect attire for an evening out perhaps to a classy restaurant.

These are just three examples of some very classy female celebrities who have set some excellent examples of how to choose leather to fit into an event. It goes on to show that the leather jacket is not just restricted to casual wear. It also makes the statement that women can look their best in leather just as men do who choose this type of attire more often.

One of the amazing aspects about the leather jacket is that a good quality one will fit in nicely with whatever other clothing you may be wearing.