Choosing the right kind of clothing for the right occasion can make all the difference in how you feel when attending or participating in an event. There are different categories of clothing that have been categorized according to different types of activities.

Casual attire

Casual attire can be comprised of pieces of clothing that are comfortable to wear. Most often, it is not as form fitting as formals, and the materials are more durable and make for easier cleaning. This type of clothing can be worn for activities such as:

  • sight seeing
  • casual outings with friends and family

Formal attire

This type of clothing is more dressy and is often made from more elaborate materials that hold their shape better, and are more defining in their looks. These can be fully formal outfits such as ball gowns and tuxedos, or the semi dress attires that are worn to events that are not so formal but create the expectation for one to be dressed well. Some examples of this are:

  • attire appropriate for fine dining restaurants
  • theatre and opera

Work Clothes

The type of work clothes that should be worn covers a vast range of work activities. The office setting has its own selection of clothing that is best suited to the cubicle worker. Whereas for garden work, the choice of clothing would be far more casual and rugged.

Dress Codes

Certain events dictate what the dress code should be. For example, a wedding invitation may dictate what the attire should be.

There are many people who enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment and will rely on casino guides to give them information about casinos they would like to visit. Sometimes, these guides will outline the dress code that is expected.

Clothing materials

Often, the type of material that the clothing is made of help in distinguishing the category the clothing comes under. For example, leather is very versatile and can be incorporated nicely into the casual and work attire. Satins, lace, and silks are more often seen in the formal wear.