There have been many popular casino movies to have hit the theatres, but perhaps one of the most iconic was Maverick. Here, Mel Gibson played the part of a suave and savvy gambler yet his characteristics were comprised of that of a good old fashioned cowboy.

It would seem that the character Maverick turned into his western attire which was probably a selection of cowboy jackets and hats for a fine looking western cut dress jacket that would allow him to play the part of the card shark that he so wanted to portray himself as.

Maverick’s quest was to join in on a card tournament so he could prove that he was the most outstanding card player of his time. In order to do this, he had to come up with the entry money and this is where the plot of the movie really began.

Back in the days of the wild west, no doubt cards were the gambling activity of choice. In today’s world, one doesn’t always have to raise their stake money because they can rely on a casino bonus to get them started in their game of choice. Perhaps, if Maverick had been given the same choice, there would not have been the same plot for the movie.

While most of the attire that was well noted in this movie was the dress jacket that Mr. Gibson wore throughout the movie, on occasion, you will also catch a glimpse of him wearing more rugged western style clothing.

Common cowboy jackets in this era were often made from leather and were well recognized for the large amounts of fringe that would dangle from the arms and the hems of the jacket. This piece of clothing became an important part of the western wear of that time. It is a piece of clothing that has been carried down through the ages and is still very popular today.